About Vivekananda Public school!

Swami Vivekananda Educational & Charitable Trust (SVECT) is a public charitable trust founded by likeminded individuals in the name of the great philosopher and scholar of India “Swami Vivekananda”. Vivekananda Public School, managed by the Trust, aims at providing a good and healthy climate to ensure quality education to the children of common man, in and around Piravom Town under the CBSE curriculum charging an affordable rate. The school run by the Trust shall be a centre of educational excellence, the sole aim of which is to serve as community for social service.

The SVECT managing Committee consists of Manager, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and other eleven members elected for a period of three years from among the trust members.

The school is located in a naturally beautiful place and the joining point of three panchayaths namely Piravom, Edaykatuvayal and Maneed at Kallumari, Pazhoor, Piravom have around 2.5acres of land. The Muvattupuzha River, Piravom Church, Pazhoor Temple and Pazhoor Padippura and Chinmaya International Centre are the main attractions of this town.

Our new KG section VIVEKANANDA BALAVIHAR is under construction with all modern amenities


1. We believe in establishing a National Educational System which will develop generations of young men who will have complete faith in human values and ideals:will be national to the core; be fully developed from the physical , mental, intellectual and spiritual angles; who can successfully meet the challenges of the modern life and whose lives will be dedicated to the eradication of social evils, exploitation and injustice among our brethren living in villages, in order to promote equality, prosperity and culture through out the country.

2. We are giving special attention for the formation of ‘Bharatheeya Samskrity’ , character building and value education through various methods and programmers and above all through examples.

3. Preparing child for ‘LIFE’ cultivating seeds of quest for knowledge, curiosity to learn , discipline, respecting the Nation, Elder and Culture.

4. In the era of science and technology with rapid discoveries and inventions, broadening the frontiers of knowledge are our main concern.

5. Personalized instruction and individual attention to the students to bring out all-round personality development which coherent to Body-Mind-Spirit.


Regularity and Punctuality

1. Pupils should be in the school at 9.15am. Those who arrive earlier must maintain perfect silence. At the stroke of the bell, on the days when there is school assembly, as per the assembly time table all should march to the assembly ground. Rest of the classes should sit in their class rooms and getting ready for the first period.

2. Regularity in attendance and in doing home works and punctuality in all common exercise are the basic requirements on the part of the pupils’ character and conduct. Moral instruction is given due importance. Children should be diligent in all curricular and co curricular activities of the school. They must be honest, truthful and courteous towards all members of the staff and generous towards other pupils. Any act that affects the discipline of the school will be viewed seriously.

3. Students should keep the campus clean. Students will have to pay fine and also pay the cost of repair/ replacement if they cause any damage to the school property.

4. No student shall contact or be contacted over phone on in person without prior permission of the Principal.

5. Mobile phones are strictly banned inside the school campus. Unauthorized materials (books, newspapers, periodicals, CDs, cameras etc. should not be brought to school.

6. Every student must take part in school games and other activities unless rendered medically unfit or exempted by the Principal.

7. Children are not expected to wear costly ornaments in the class. Simplicity and modesty are highly recommended in dress and other articles used by children.

8. Students should look after their belongings (books, umbrella, rain coat, Tiffin carrier etc.) These should be marked with his/her name.

9. English is the only language permitted in the school campus for all interactions: formal, informal and chats. This is applicable in school bus also.

10. Principal’ sanction is required :
     1. To leave the school premises during working hours.
     2. For any parent or visitor to meet a pupil or teacher during the working hours.
     3. To admit student to class who comes late.

11. No student shall be absent from class without sufficient reason. All absence from school, even with prior permission of the Principal, must be explained by the parent, in the diary before it can be condoned and the student is admitted into class. If the leave is for more than three days, besides the notes in the diary, the explanation letter must be added and sectioned by the principal. Unauthorized absence for more than 15 days will lead to removal from rolls.


Tuition fee is payable in four equal installments. Conveyance charge is to be paid before tenth of every month. The school offers ten percentage of reduction in conveyance for one if two students from one family uses school bus.


The active co-operation of parents with the school is an essential pre requisite for the welfare of the student.

1. Parents should supervise their child’s daily lessons, see that they put in adequate hours of study at home and complete all written and project work.

2. All communications from the school should be acknowledged by the parents.

3. They should encourage the children to participate in co curricular and school functions.

4. As soon as the diary is issued to the students, parents may please fill in the required data asked in the diary. They should check their ward’s diary daily.

5. Parents should attend the PTA meetings when ever that are held.

6. Parents /guardians are not allowed to enter the class rooms. They can meet teachers only after getting permission from the principal.

7. Any change in the address or telephone number must be intimated to he school. In communications with the school, the name, standard and division should be clearly mentioned.

8. For any special permission, for exemption and absence a written note must be sent to the principal. It is to be remembered thin that regularity in attendance makes the child more confident in studies and other day –to-day activities of the school. 

9. Parents must ensure that no child remains in the school premises after school hours unless instructed by school authorities.

10. All parents are requested to strictly follow the fee payment schedules. Please avoid paying fines.

School Information

Name of the school with address

i. E-mail
ii. Ph.No
Pazhoor P.O, Piravom, Ernakulam District.
Pin 686664
e-mail - vivekanandaschoolpvm@gmail.com
Phone - 0485-2265172
Year of establishment of school
Whether NOC from state obtained
i. NOC No.
ii. NOC issuing date

Is the school recognised, if yes By which authority Yes, CBSE
Status of affiliation
i. Affiliation No.
ii. Affiliation with Board since
iii. Extension of affiliation upto

Name of the Trust
List of members of school managing committee -
Name and official address of the manager

Tel -
Area of school campus i. In Acres : Acres
ii In Sq.mtrs. :
iii. Built up area (sq.mtrs) : sq.mtrs
iv. Area of playground in sq.mtrs. :
v. Other facilities
   i. Swimming pool : -
   ii.Indoor games : Yes
   iii.Dance Rooms : Yes
   iv. Gymnasium : -
   v.Music Rooms : Yes
   vi. Hostels : Yes
   vii. Health and Medical Check up : Yes
Details of fee structure i. Pre-Nursery :
ii. Nursery :
iii. I to V :
iv. VI to VIII :
v. IX to X :
vi. XI to XII :
Transport Facility Own buses -
Mode of payment of salary
i. Name of the Bank through which salary is drawing :
ii.Through single cheque transfer advice :
iii.Individual cheque :
iv.Cash :

Library Facilities i. Size of the Library in sq.feet :
ii. No. of periodicals : 0
iii. No. of Dailies :
iv. No. of Reference books class-wise :
v. No.of Magazine :
vi. Others : Books
Name of the Grievance/redressal Officer with E-mail,Ph.No. -
Members of Sexual Harassment committee

Class wise enrolment of school for the current session -
Academic session period From June to March
Vaccation Period From April to May
Admission period -

Number of Teaching Staff

Designation Total No.
Principal 1
Vice Principal 1
Health Wellness Teacher -
Librarian 1
Others -
Details of salary being paid by the school to teaching staff / non-teaching staff
Total Emoluments
From Rs. To Rs.
Principal 20740/- 30992/-
Vice Principal 15380/- 20411/-
PGT 15380/- 20411/-
TGT 13210/- 18411/-
PRT 6680 9912/-
Counsellor 6680/- 9912/-
Librarian 6680/- 9912/-
Others - -