School Facilities

As the library is the brain of an educational institution, the management is keen to increase the number of useful books and periodicals and to provide the best facility in the library. The reference section has a Varity of standard encyclopedia, dictionaries and subject reference books on topics at the school level.

1. Students are permitted to borrow only one book at a time and it can be kept for a period of one week and is to be returned on or before due date. It can also be renewed once if nobody has made a reservation for the same.

2. Library books are issued during the library periods. Books will be issued during recess time.

3. The librarian may call for the return of a particular book or periodical even before the expiry of a due date.

4. The borrower should report any damages or loss of pages, pictures etc. to the librarian before she /he accept the book. It is the responsibility of the borrower to take care of the books borrowed by them.

5. If any book is lost or badly damaged the actual cost of replacement of the book will have to be paid by the borrower. The principal’s ruling in this matter will be final binding.

6. One who fails to return the book on due date will have to pay a fine Rs-1/- per day per book.

7. Books or periodicals are not to be transferred by the borrower to others.

8. Silence has to be strictly observed in the library. Those who violate this rule will be sent out.

School Facilities

1. The school provides transport facilities for the students. The charge vary according to to the distance.

2. Bus charges should be paid on or before tenth o every month. failure in this mater will not be considered casual.

3. Parents have to drop and later collect their ward at the scheduled bus stops. The school bus will not wait for the late comers.

4. Maximum co-operation is expected from the parents and students regarding the boarding points on the bus routes. This will ensure the regularity and the timely arrival and departure of buses.

5. Using the school us is an occasion for the pupil to cultivate good habits like patience, tolerance, sympathy, team spirit, co operation and consideration for others.

6. Gentlemanly and exemplary behavior is expected from the students while waiting for the bus at the boarding points and in the bus. The students will enter and leave the bus in a single line. Special consideration should be given to the weaker and younger students.

7. Students are not allowed to change their bus stop or trips without explicit permission from the principal or bus in charge.